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What is SESAR?

Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) is a collaborative project to completely overhaul European airspace and its air traffic management (ATM). The actual programme is managed by the SESAR Joint Undertaking as a public–private partnership (PPP).

What is SESAR Exploratory Research?

SESAR's contribution of Exploratory Research is twofold:

What is SWIM?

The concept of SWIM – System Wide Information Management - covers a complete change in paradigm of how information is managed along its full lifecycle and across the whole European ATM system. The implementation of the SWIM concept will enable direct ATM business benefits to be generated by assuring the provision of commonly understood quality information delivered to the right people at the right time.

What are the semantic technologies?

Semantic technology encodes meanings separately from data and content files, and separately from application code. This enables machines as well as people to understand, share and reason with them at execution time. With semantic technologies, adding, changing and implementing new relationships or interconnecting programs in a different way can be just as simple as changing the external model that these programs share.

What is ontology?

Ontology is a formal naming and definition of the types, properties, and interrelationships of the entities that really or fundamentally exist for a particular domain of discourse.

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